Sell Your Exotic

Allow Atlanta Exotics to Sell your car for you allowing you to yield a higher price for your car without all the hassles of dealing with buyers!

  • Keep your car in your possession
  • No transport costs, no potential for damage, no one driving your car
  • You can still drive and enjoy your car

Atlanta Exotics will advise on the current market of your car and offer guidance on best options. We provide Carfax reports to all potential Buyers. We only advertise top quality cars that will make our buyers satisfied. 

We advertise on all Major Online sites including our own Website and Social Pages,,,, and Brand specific Forums. 

Best of all, we don't get paid until we sell your car!! We only ask for listing fees upfront for online advertisers. 


Find Your Exotic

Searching for a new Car and not sure what you should be paying or what is the right or wrong car to buy? Atlanta Exotics can help you find your next car and make sure that you are making an intelligent decision to protect your investment.

  • No Upfront charges
  • No Contracts
  • Locating of a car that meets your specific wants and needs
  • We do all the research to make sure the car meets our standards for a quality car to own and enjoy
  • Advice on current market  values and values when you are ready to sell
  • Trade Placement or Listing services
  • Financing Packages and advice
  • Shipping and Delivery Services
  • Inspection arrangement

We will handle the entire process up to having the car delivered to your home! You wont even have to leave your home to sign paperwork! 

Even if you have never had an Exotic before, we can advise you based on your wants and needs to get into the right car!